Conast - società cooperativa

CONAST - SocietÓ Cooperativa

La nostra azione per l'ambiente,
i servizi ed il territorio, pone al centro di ogni attivitÓ la tutela della persona, della comunitÓ e l'incremento occupazionale.

CONAST is a co-operative consortium since 1993.
  • We promote the development of our associate companies
  • We provide qualified counselling in business management
  • We promote and run entrepreneurial training courses
  • We act as incubator for newly formed companies

CONAST offers its clients - private companies, private/public corporations, public administration - an effective quality policy certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 - ISO 14001:2004 and the synergicistic work of its 72 associate companies, with over 5.000 employees.

CONAST works in three different sectors:


  • Logistics
  • Cleaning and environmental hygiene
  • Catering
  • Social services
  • Cultural and scientific activities
  • Conservation of parks and gardens, fire-fighting, accident prevention, computer science,
  • waste management


  • Safety in the workplace
  • Dietary self-control HACCP
  • The protection of privacy
  • Environment


  • Professional training courses for companies
  • Educational activities for all schools

CONAST is  member of

Federlavoro servizi

CONAST, in partnership with other public/private corporations, works on various Europeanprojects on communication technology and e-learning.
Over the past years, CONAST - and the Province of Brescia - have taken part in the following international projects within the INTERREG  STIMENT programme:
  • The Interreg IIIC Stimulating new ways of Entrepreneurship  with five European partners, 2003-2006
  • PEROU  For a European Open University 
  • EKC Entrepreneurial Knowledge Community

CONAST has also taken part in some initiatives promoted by:

  • CECOP The European Confederation of Workers' Co-operatives, Social Co-operatives and Social and Participating Enterprises
  • EFES European Federation of Employee Share Ownership

We are interested in getting in touch with co-operatives/enterprises operating in our field, in order to create new partnerships here in Italy as well as in EU projects.

For more information, please contact (only in Italian and English language):
CONAST - Cooperative Society
Via Diaz, 17
25121 Brescia

Tel. +390303774422
Fax +390303774497
project managing:

Through our activities - environment, services, territory - we aim to create new jobs, respecting both the person and the community.
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